We Believe

We cannot change parents who have addictions, but we can help their children.

Bringing Our Community Together

Midland County Foster Closet helps to build a strong community by heightening the awareness of the epidemic of the insidious disease of addiction in our community and the fallout it causes for so many innocent children. Midland has been supportive in ways we cannot even begin to describe. So many faith communities, organizations, schools, small groups and individuals have come forward to make this happen with such compassion and mercy for abused and neglected children.

Our Story

The Midland Area Interfaith Friends  group supported the idea of starting a Foster closet.  The group does SO  many wonderful projects that help people, simultaneously building bridges instead of walls between  the citizens of our terrific community. We initially opened the Foster Closet in  late October, 2016.  We were a part of a large 501c3 called Foster Closet of Michigan-Midland Branch. There were about 25 counties involved.  In late February, 2018, the mother group decided to dissolve in December, 2018.  We chose to apply for our own 501c3 and received it very recently.

Our Mission

The Midland County Foster Closet is a nonprofit organization operated 100% by volunteers who are committed to serving children in the foster care system in Midland County from infancy to 18 years of age.

I Am So Thankful!

"I am so thankful that another foster parent told me about The Midland County Foster Closet! After become licensed in June of 2016, we eagerly awaited our first call, but it didn't come until April of 2018. So when it finally sank in that a new child would be coming into our home, the anxiety of the situation was overwhelmed by the loving generosity of the workers and gifts from the foster closet. We received many new clothes, plenty of used ones, toys, diapers, books, a blanket, and even gifts for our biological children that helped get them excited to welcome this new sibling! We all set up his bed, dresser, bookshelf, and were in a joyful mindset to spend our first few days just playing with and getting to know him instead of worrying about shopping for new things. We have since had the same wonderful experience with two other placements, and we continue to be encouraged that we are not alone in providing for these children- understanding that the friends I have told about The Midland County Foster Closet and made donations, the local businesses that donate items and money, the volunteers who have built shelving and spent time organizing ... we are all part of a community that cares for these children and families, helping us lighten the burdens and multiplying the joys!"

-Courtney, foster parent

Let's Make a Difference Together!

Our passion is not only to help foster children, but also the Midland County families who take them in by reducing the stress, financial responsibility and allowing the foster parents the chance to focus more on the immediate needs of the child.

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