Planting Seeds of Love

We take the children we meet home in our thoughts and our hearts!

Why Foster Families Are In Need

The Call

A call to the prospective foster family is made, and a process is set in motion. This call can come at anytime, even in the middle of the night and may be urgent for the child’s safety, therefore the foster parent may not be equipped with the age-appropriate necessities for that particular child.

The Child

Many children are taken from their home because of unsafe circumstances due to abuse, drugs or health hazards. Unfortunately, this means they can be removed from their beds or after school, without even having time to grab their clothes, let alone their favorite blanket or toy.

The Connection

With the pressure of short notice arrival, many foster parents aren’t prepared. We believe it’s vital they are there for the immediate needs of the child, not whether they have the right size diapers or clothes. We take the pressure away by letting them focus on what’s important, the child.


Finding individuals and organizations who are willing to take the time to sort through their gently used items, purchase new items or provide a monetary donation is one third of what makes the Midland County Foster Closet successful.


Our group of volunteers, including Floyd Church of God and Holy Family Episcopal Church, are the second-third by identifying what’s needed, organizing the items, searching out new donors and storing our quality goods before placement.


This is what makes our sucess is the foster families that are in need of help, either once or ten times since they can come as many times as they need. Without them, the children would not have a place to stay in their time of need.

It’s for the Kids

“Every child needs to be loved,
valued, respected and given Tender Loving Care (TLC). ”


Helpful Resources

Foster Parent

It takes a special person to give support, love and guidance to a foster child, leaving a lasting impact on the life of that child, their family and our community. To become a foster parent, you can call the Michigan Foster Care Navigator here, call our local DHHS office, Foster
division here or
learn more here.

Foster Mentor

Water the seeds of love by becoming a foster mentor with Adoption Option, a non-profit organization in Midland that is in need of adult volunteers, helping with life skills that are critical to the future success of foster teens phasing out of foster care. Be the positive role model they need. Contact Adoption Option here.

Respite Caregiver

Although there’s no formal program through Midland County Foster Closet, if you have a relative or friend who is a licensed foster parent, you can become a respite caregiver if you pass background checks and provide other information to protect the child’s safety. Check out the details here

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