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What is the Midland County Foster Closet (MCFC)?

Midland County Foster Closet is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the mission of providing foster children ages 0-18 in Midland County, Michigan with free, gently used and new clothing, footwear and other necessities.

How does MCFC work if I am a foster parent?

If you are a foster parent in need, call us for an appointment. During the phone conversation, we find out the ages, sizes, gender and needs of the child/children. We simultaneously set up an appointment. Then a Board Member goes to the Foster Closet, checks to see what we have to match the needs described and purchases items we don’t have when it is financially feasible to do so.

How does MCFC work if I have items to donate?

We are so appreciative of all of the support our community provides! If you call us, we can tell you if we need what you are so generously offering. Sometimes, because of limited space, we regretfully decline if we already have an excess of certain items.

How often can I visit MCFC?

Foster parents can visit the Foster Closet whenever a child outgrows the clothing they are currently wearing, when a seasonal clothing change is necessary (e.g. winter coat/boots), or when they get other foster children.

Who is eligible to recieve free clothing and items from MCFC?

All licensed Foster parents in Midland County may make appointments as well has court-ordered family placements.  Family placements must show legitimate paperwork from the court or DHHS or a similar agency.

What is the age range of things you have available?

We have items for ages 0-18.

Do you charge a fee for your items or services?

No, everything is free of charge.

What kind of documention is require for recieving free clothing and items?

We require a letter or referal from DHS or social service agency stating your are the legal caregiver of the specific child. Please bring your legal proof of the legitimacy of placement through the court or a social agency.

How many times can I, a foster parent, visit the MCFC for the specific child?

A foster parent may make an appointment when clothing size changes, seasonal clothing is needed, or they receive additional foster children.

Do I need an appointment to recieve clothing/items from MCFC?

Yes. We are available by appointment only.

How many items can a child have?

We typically give every child who comes a new outfit, new pajamas, a package of new socks, a package of new underwear, a new homemade blanket and pillowcase, a new stuffed animal,  age-appropriate personal hygiene items, and as many used clothing items as they need.  We have found that foster parents have been EXTREMELY honest in taking only what they need so we have enough for the next child that size and gender.

What is your exchange or return policy?

We strongly encourage foster children to come when their foster parents visit the closet.  Then we are assured that they can try items on, including shoes/boots, and leave with items that are sure to fit.  That also enables us to save back items that don’t fit for other children. Usually, the older the child, the more important it is that they use our private bathroom to make sure what they are taking will work.

What if the child leaves my home?

Items at MCFC are intended to be used by the foster child and should remain with the child in the event the child leaves your home. Any items recieved by MCFC are not intended for resale and we would appreciate it if you could return items when they are no longer used as we can pass them on to another child in need.

Do you work with DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) and/or social service agencies?

Yes! We work closely with all agencies that provide training and  licensing for foster parents and also place foster children from Midland County.

What items need to be new?

Due to hygiene issues, all underwear, socks, pajamas, shoes, books, stuffed animals, toys, blankets and crib sheets must be brand new. Because of safety issues, all car/booster seats, cribs, strollers and other large equipment must also be new.

What does ‘gently used’ mean?

Children should feel of value and therefore we only distribute clothing that is in great shape, as often times these are the only clothing items these children have. Going through lots of clothing to find what might be very gently used is extremely time

We define “gently used” as clean, stain and rip-free, working zippers and normal to light wear. Please remember that while many adult sizes may fit a child, we provide age-appropriate and “in-style” clothing to these children.

We cannot accept used underwear/undergarments or used socks.

When and where can I drop off tangible donation?

We have been blessed to have Holy Family Episcopal Church donate space for the MCFC. We don’t want Holy Family to be inconvenienced by the good nature of people leaving donations outside of the church. Because of this and limited space, we accept tangible donations by appointment only. Call us today to schedule a donation at 989.600.8018 or email us at

The address is:
4611 Swede Ave.
Midland, MI 48642

Do I need an appointment to donate clothing/items to MCFC?

Yes. We are available by appointment only.

What are the MCFC most needed items?

Unfortunately this varies based on the age range of foster children in need, the season, etc. However some things that are generally in higher demand for ages 0-18 are new underwear, new socks, pajamas and new footwear.

Is there a way I can help MCFC in my community, church, institution or workplace?

Absolutely. Organizing a clothing/item drive based on our current need is extremely helpful, especially since the age range is so large and we have all four seasons in Michigan.

What if I want to make a monetary donation?

We welcome monetary donations. Please make check or money order to Midland County Foster Closet. Monetary donation can be mailed to:

Midland County Foster Closet
P.O. Box 1243
Midland, MI 48641

Will my donation be tax deductible?

Yes. We are a 501c non profit organization.

I am a middle/high school student. Can I get my volunteer hours by working with MCFC?

Yes. Contact us to arrange the volunteering.Call 989.600.8018 or email

To volunteer my time do I need to sign up ahead or can I just stop by?

Since we have been donated the space by Holy Family Episcopal Church, we are not always there, so please do not just stop by. Contact us first instead. Call 989.600.8018 or email

I would like to hold a clothing/item drive, will MCFC pick up the donations?

Unfortunately, we are unable to pick up donated items because we are solely operated by volunteers.  However we could arrange a time that works best for you to drop the donations off at the closet.

Email Us

Mailing Address

Midland County Foster Closet
P.O. Box 1243
Midland, MI 48641

(Monetary Donations)

Location & Hours

Midland Mall
6800 Eastman Ave
Midland, MI 48642

Wednesdays 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Thursdays 12:00pm - 5:00pm

(And by appointment!)